Join us in our mission to boost office experience worldwide

Mapiq is the only all-round smart office platform that enables full and flexible use of workspaces, offering employees a more collaborative, efficient, and frictionless workday.

We are in our core, user-centric hard-and-software that combines technical expertise and integrations with clean, functional design. We're always looking for new talent on our mission to boost office experience worldwide.

Hi, we are Mapiq

We are an ambitious and highly skilled team of engineers, designers, software developers, marketers, psychologists, and architects. Our mission — and passion — is to create smart offices where employees actually want to be. 

What we do

About one-third of human life is spent working. On top of that work life is complex, fast-paced and never the same, making how we feel at the office even more important. Employees are every company’s most valuable asset, and the war for talent will only get fiercer in the upcoming years. A business’s success hinges on how employees work, collaborate and solve complex problems. This can be enhanced through their physical and digital environment: office experience.

In the upcoming years, offices will become even more agile through technology and data, unlocking the full potential of space and people. a frictionless workday. Workspace efficiency will feel natural. We're moving towards the fully responsive office. With newfound agility, the office, employees, and the workforce are always ready for the next challenge. Mapiq, while complex under the hood, simply elevates the total office experience.

Our customers

It all started with two friends and a really big project: Deloitte’s ‘The Edge’. Soon after, corporates such as Unilever, EDGE Olympic and Danone looked to us to create smart offices and we’ve been flying ever since. In just a few years we have rapidly grown client base. Take a look at some of our cases:

Deloitte's The Edge

Unilever US

Danone HQ

How we work

Everyday, we work together with great enthusiasm and passion to create better products. Our people-centred approach to technical design and development sets us apart, and, just like the product we sell, we live and breath smart offices

Our core values

We just do it: We learn & discover by starting things. We go and explore and are persistent.

We are daring: We dare to say no. We know what users need and are experts on smart buildings.

We want to win, together: We are competitive and realize more by working together in our teams, in the company, with partners and with clients.

We play at work: We love what we do. We make work exciting, fun, positive and personal. 

Perks & Benefits

  • Talented and ambitious team working towards one goal
  • Tech scale-up culture
  • Modern office and workplaces
  • Working with the latest technology

  • International team, working in interdisciplinary squads
  • Flexible working hours
  • Cool team events and weekly drinks
  • Daily fresh lunch & fruit

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