We make smart buildings work.

At Mapiq we are creating workplaces where people actually want to be. Dynamic work environments bring out the best in us and create space for unparalleled efficiency and innovation. We are creating a platform where IoT, data analytics, design, architecture and human behaviour meet. A new era has started in working life and we are thrilled to work together with you.

Are you interested in a career at Mapiq, but didn’t you find a vacancy which matches your profile? Feel free to send your resume and motivation to jobs@mapiq.com!

Do you want every day to be a great day at work?

Our core values

We just do it: We learn & discover by starting things. We go and explore and are persistent.

We are daring: We dare to say no. We know what users need and are experts on smart buildings.

We want to win, together: We are competitive and realize more by working together in our teams, in the company, with partners and with clients.

We play at work: We love what we do. We make work exciting, fun, positive and personal. 

Buildings. They are less flexible than people. At least, so we thought. The world is changing. In fact, with Mapiq the roles are reversed. Here, it is not the building but rather the people who determine the limits of flexibility. This creates a space where your habits can stay intact, while engaging in flexible ways of working, as is often expected by public standards.

With our technology the abstract concept of smart building is becoming more tangible. Pop-ups that tell you where your favorite colleague is sitting, check if there is a meeting place available from your home or lend your parking space when you go on vacation... Mapiq offers unique possibilities.

With Mapiq every individual can create the exact place, including al the facilities that one needs at a given time. The user of a building can therefore be just as flexible as that person wants to be. And the building? It adapts effortlessly to a person’s preferences. The office building will adjust itself to the people. This way, people really get the best out of a building!

"We represent the future 

of smart working"

Our Customers

We work together with companies who are early adopters and who see software as an integral part of their company innovation. From international corporates to the government, the customer base of Mapiq is growing quickly. To give you an idea, here is a small selection of the companies we proudly serve:


New Jersey, USA





"Mapiq is a young, very dynamic, go-getters team with the positive itch to make an impact"

A Mapiq Mindset

Just like our product, we represent smart working. We are driven by the action, innovation, and thought leadership of our amazing team. We operate on a relatively flat structure, where contribution is measured through providing value to our clients and proactively building relationships. We employ highly experienced people (that's you!) and operate a culture with a collaborative style. This structure encourages relationships based on mutual respect and honest feedback.

Where We Work

Flexible workstations in a beautifully designed office, with all the equipment you need to work efficiently — that is the Mapiq Mindset. It is a large space in the YES! Delft incubator, that fits our team and the way we're growing. We use our own space to showcase our smart building technology and to try out new equipment. That's why you'll find a large assortment of sensors, screens and other stuff to play with and get a taste of the future. Welcome at Mapiq Home.

YES! Delft

High-tech incubator